The following video clips demonstrate the Managed Ecosystem Fermentation process and its potential

24 Hour Fermentation

This video shows the ability of the MEF process to rapidly digest a variety of materials: food scraps in the left container, food scraps and newsprint in the container of the right, and paper mill sludge in the smaller container in the center of the frame. While the time-lapse video shows a 24 hour period, although it is clear that most of the process is completed in the first 8 hours. These fermentations were run successfully for a full 180 days, with daily feedings. The video begins immediately after all of the three glass containers have been “fed” and placed back inside the incubator.

MEF Closeup

The video shows the natural biochemical reaction that occurs when the microbes have new feed available. The reaction shows that various microbes are releasing compounds that facilitate the mixing of the feed so other microbes can feed on the material. This enables the MEF process to work without mechanical agitation.

Animal Feed

This video illustrates that the protein extracted from the MEF process can be used as animal feed. The protein is extracted from the MEF reactor, dried, ground and then fed to the fish. The specifications for the protein used as animal feed can be found on the PAPERS tab with the article titled Products From Organic Waste Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation.