amino acids, anaerobic digestion, cellulose, fatty acids, fermentation, greenhouse gas, high protein animal feed, Managed Ecosystem Fermentation (MEF), microbial protein, food waste, organic waste, volatile fatty acidsFood Waste: A Source of Industrial Chemicals was presented at the Waste Conversion Technology Conference in August 2017 in San Diego. The paper discusses the Managed Ecosystem process, the results from its first run of its pilot plant and the economics of using the MEF process with either an organic waste stream or a purchased feedstock. The MEF process produces protein that is comparable to fishmeal. This means cellulosic waste streams can now be converted into a renewable resource for which there are multiple uses.

Products-From-Organic-WasteProducts Produced from Organic Waste Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation was published June 2015 in the Journal of Sustainable Development.  The paper discusses how MEF can be used to convert organic waste from a disease vector into an economic resource.  This paper provides examples of products from MEF using food waste as the feedstock, with verification of the results by independent laboratories.  The paper examines the economics of these MEF products based upon their relative output concentrations and their respective market prices.

Changing-the-Economics-of-OChanging the Economics of Organic Waste Disposal Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation was published June 2013 in the International Journal of Biotechnology for Wellness Industries. This paper discusses buy using the MEF process, organic waste can become an economic resource in both the developed and developing world. The paper provides the basic concepts that must be addressed for a technology to become environmentally sustainable.

Converting-Organic-Waste-toConverting Organic Waste to Money Using Managed Ecosystem Fermentation was presented at the International Conference on Solid Waste Management and Technology in Philadelphia in March 2013 and published in their journal. The paper describes how MEF’s production of high value materials can change the economics of disposing of the organic materials in municipal waste.